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Car Remote Service

We Specialize In Automotive Remotes

Most new cars today have remotes or fobs of some sort. A large majority of these remotes lock and unlock the doors and are known as remote keyless entry systems (RKE). Another type, known as remote keyless ignition systems (RKI), will also remote start your car. Both types of car remotes function using remote frequency identification (RFID) process. With RFID, each frequency is unique, and that is the reason car remotes only work with one specific vehicle.

We can program all types of car, van and truck remotes and fobs.

This is one type programmer for remote head keys and key fobs.

We specialize in car remotes and have the high-tech, specialized equipment necessary to repair and program both types of remotes for most makes and models of cars, vans, and trucks. Plus, we charge less than your local dealership, and you don’t have to wait in line!

Car Remote Issues

Common issues with remote keyless entry systems have to do with that little thing dangling from your keychain, known as a key fob. The key fob is crucial for a remote keyless entry system to work properly. Not to worry, Noble Locksmith is the go-to auto locksmith with solutions to any RKE or RKI problem.

  • Key Fob Battery Replacement – Many times, when a key fob ceases to work properly, it is due to a battery failure. No job is too small for Noble Locksmith. We’ll replace the battery faster than you can say “replace my battery”.
  • Key Fob Programming and Re-programming – Sometimes a key fob will fail because it hasn’t been properly synced with the vehicle. Replacement key fobs also have to be reprogrammed to work properly, and that’s not something you can do yourself. We have the high-tech equipment necessary to program key fobs right on our locksmith vans AND we charge less than the dealerships.
  • Recutting of Damaged or Lost Remote Keys – If your remote is lost or damaged beyond repair, no need to worry. We can drive to you, recut damaged remote head keys or replace lost ones in no time at all.
  • Remote Head Key Repair and Replacement – Relatively new to the keyless entry scene are devices known as remote head keys. These are keys with the standard key fob built into the actual key. Noble Locksmith can also help you with these if they need to be repaired or replaced.

We’re Your Local San Diego Mobile Locksmith

We hope you will take full advantage of our mobile locksmith service and let us save you time and money. Our team members are experts in car remotes and we’re known as the premier automotive locksmith in the San Diego, California area.  Our technicians are highly trained and qualified to work with the most complex locks in use today, and we hope you’ll give us a call today with your auto locksmith questions or to schedule an appointment.

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